Just a reminder, make sure to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY because some people are experiencing problems on several versions of the Palm OS. Not to mention our new policy - ALL SALES ARE FINAL. :)
Sorry folks, Ackeron: Dark Sun does not function properly on some devices running Palm OS-5 so please TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!


Dark Haven II on hold indefinitely.

Gasgorf Software is taking a break as its founders were forced to take other jobs to make ends meet (one is a web developer, the other working on their PhD in computer science). DH2 has been on the back burner, making slow progress, but lately these jobs have proven too demanding. It's about time that we admit to ourselves and to you that DH2 won't be finished for a while; in fact it may never be finished. We are very disappointed because the support and interest that you, our customers, have shown means a lot to us. Thank you for everything.

Our friends at PdaGames have the exclusive on Dark Haven II: The Eyes of Kings.
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Ackeron: Dark Sun release 1.21 is available. Please download at your convenience.
Results of the Dark Haven II: The Eyes of Kings art contest are in. Please visit our art contest homepage to see which entries have won free registration numbers to our upcoming products. Thank you all for your submissions!


Ackeron: Dark Sun release 1.2 is available for download. Now compatable with PalmOS 3.5, and priced at $19.95.
Real Time order fullfillment will have you playing in 10 minutes! NO MORE WAITING!
Current Titles
Ackeron: Dark Sun

Ackeron: Dark Sun
(Version 1.21)

The Sun is dying. We aren't sure why. We have about a thousand years, then...
Well, never-mind that. You have volunteered to participate in our desperate mission. You will each be cryogenically frozen and launched toward a distant system that is likely to contain intelligent life. Maybe one of them will know how to save our star.

Dark Haven: The Arena

Dark Haven: The Arena
Take control of an adventurer who has been captured and forced to fight in an arena for the entertainment of the spectators. Survival will be a challenge, but through careful planning and training you just might make it. And if by some miracle you do manage to survive the first few days, you might be able to snatch a couple of free moments to explore the city of Dark Haven and plot your escape.

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