...a dying star...an alien menace...
The fate of two worlds rests in your hands

Outdoors A vast new role-playing game from the makers of Dark Haven: The Arena. The Earth's sun is dying, crumbling beneath its own great mass. Launched into space from Earth to find new technologies from distant stars, you are humanity's last hope of salvation.
Built upon a powerful game engine, Ackeron takes place in a solar system many light years from Earth. A fantastic world marked by an intriguing mix of psionic magic and futuristic technology, the world of Ackeron is epic in scale, and will offer the most dedicated players many weeks of game play. A native home
In town Multiple Guilds, expansive maps, non-stop questing, and intricate character development all carry over from our original engine, along with some innovative new improvements. Among these enhancements are ranged combat, dynamic item generation, commodities trading, 2-bit grayscale graphics, and an isometric display.
With 47 maps, hundreds of new creatures, items, psionic spells, and trade goods, this game will take gaming on the Palm Pilot to a new standard of excellence. In Ackeron: Dark Sun, the fate of two worlds rests in your hands. Combat Screen


Version 1.21
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