Dark Haven: The Arena

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The arena has been around as long as anyone can remember. So has its champion, The Dark Slayer.

Year in and year out, the city of Dark Haven acquires prisoners and slaves from around the world to be devoured as inexpensive gladiators by its cherished arena.

All of the gladiators die. All of the fans cheer.

Many die immediately, cowering and alone.

Others race up the ranks, grow in power and, in the end, are consumed by the Dark Slayer.

A few of them manage to live in relative comfort; gaining a bit of prestige, a few fans, and a bit of money. They train hard, explore Dark Haven, choose their foes wisely, and get plain lucky. Then they get old, and slow. They too are dead.

Escape is unheard of. It can’t happen. The Arena has been here for hundreds of years and no gladiator has ever left...


Dark Haven: The Arena(c) is an epic role playing game for the 3Com Palm Pilot™ and IBM WorkPad™. Take control of an adventurer who has been captured and forced to fight in an arena for the entertainment of the spectators. Survival will be a challenge, but through careful planning and training you just might make it. And if by some miracle you do manage to survive the first few days, you might be able to snatch a couple of free moments to explore the city of Dark Haven and plot your escape.

Along the way you will encounter 70 different types of creatures, find over 160 different items, explore 50 regions, and join one of four specialized guilds that will allow you to shape your character into a mighty paladin, a crafty thief, a pious priest, or a mysterious wizard. You will train in 8 statistics, choose from a library of 42 different spells, meet and interact with dozens of interesting characters, advance through championship ranks in The Arena, solve deadly puzzles...

Master The Arena, and you just may escape from Dark Haven.

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